Globally recognized, anonymous and decentralized business name registration system

What is the "Global Business Database Register"?
The Global Business Database Register is an anonymous, free-to-register business name database.
In some countries, registering a business name can be an expensive and tedious process, and the option for anonymity is not usually provided.
The Global Business Database Register was created for the sole purpose of offering startups a free platform to register their business name, anonymously.

How does the "Global Business Database Register" work?
Each database entry has four components - Business name, City/Country, Public key and Private key.
Public keys can be disseminated in the public domain to serve as proof of registration with the Global Business Database Register.
Public keys serve as the identity of the true registrant, keeping their true identity anonymous.
Private keys are never to be shared in the public domain and are provided only to the true registrant.
Private keys are used for internal authentication.
In the event of a dispute over a database entry and the true registrant, private keys are used to identify the true registrant.

Who maintains the database?
The database is maintained by GC Media Publishing Management.
Registered cities and countries are authenticated with the Pitrix global allocations program.

What is "Decentralized Ownership"?
Decentralized Ownership is a new model of business name ownership which has been developed by us which is designed to add an extra layer of anonymity, by completely anonymizing and decentralizing the ownership of a database entry using private blockhain technology.

How does "Decentralized Ownership" work?
Decentralized Ownership allows true registrants to add entries to the database and be recognized as part of the Global Business Database Register, while having all ownership information irreversibly anonymized and decentralized.
Decentralized Ownership is offered as an option upon registration.
Without Decentralized Ownership, true registrants retain all ownership rights of the business name and the Global Business Database Register remains the caretaker of the database entry.
This protects the ability for the true registrant to revoke a database entry, at any time, on request.
With Decentralized Ownership, true registrants surrender all ownership rights of the business name with the database entry being scrambled and added to a private blockchain which converts all ownership rights to an irreversible, anonymous and decentralized model.
This removes all ability for the true registrant to revoke a database entry, forever.

The Global Business Database Register DOES NOT provide a platform to bypass or circumvent domestic or international laws where the business may operate or carry out activities.
We strongly encourage ALL businesses to ALWAYS operate within the scope of all relevant laws - domestic and international.
GC Media Publishing Management is NOT automatically responsible for ANY activities associated with ANY business name registered with the Global Business Database Register.
We are the custodians of the database ONLY.
GC Media Publishing Management reserves the right to revoke entries from the database that are not protected by the Decentralized Ownership mechanism, for any reason we believe necessary and at any time, without prior warning.
We emphasize this would only be considered in the most extreme circumstances and is action we prefer to avoid having to invoke.

Want to request to have your business name added?
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